Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Preakness update or the unofficial Barbaro fan site!

I can't wait to see what John over at Not to the Swift thinks about Like Now's post position, I know he likes those odds! Also, had some great sites drop by and leave some links so if you want more info on where Barbaro is hanging out, namely at the beautiful Fair Hill training center in Maryland, you should check out Tim Woolley Racing and the Fair Hill site. Anyway, here is the post draw and current pre-race odds. The question is how far down will Barbaro get bet and I am really going to be scouring this field to nail a trifecta ticket!

Purse: $1,000,000 added - 1 3/16 miles
Post Horse Jockey Trainer M/L Odds
1 Like Now Garrett GomezKiaran McLaughlin12-1
2 Platinum Couple Jose EspinozaJoseph Lostritto50-1
3 Hemingway's Key Jeremy RoseNick Zito30-1
4 Greeley's Legacy Richard MiglioreGeorge Weaver20-1
5 Brother Derek Alex SolisDan Hendricks3-1
6 Barbaro Edgar PradoMichael MatzEven
7 Sweetnorthernsaint Kent DesormeauxMichael Trombetta4-1
8 Bernardini Javier CastellanoTom Albertrani8-1
9 Diabolical Ramon DominguezSteve Klesaris30-1


barbaro said...

You can find lots of Barbaro articles at

Alex said...

btw, we have a post on Barbaro's work this morning at Tim WoolLey's Racing Blog (note extra L) :)

John said...

Hey Joe

You can stop reading my mind now. Yes I love the rail for my little underdog.

kentucky joe said...

Alex-->I fixed that typo, sorry about that!

John-->Okay, now get your picks posted so I make sure to bet the opposite!
(ha) I am wondering how this thing will set-up? I still think Barbaro crushes the field.

Anonymous said...

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