Monday, May 14, 2007

Blinkers Off...signing off

Not that many still check my dormant blog but although my interest in Thoroughbred racing remains strong, the demands of a busy life have left me no time to post meaningful content or rambling observations or even comment on my latest losing wager. It is a busy time just making it through my daughter's 2 soccer teams, horse lessons, my newfound running "hobby" (completed the Derby Festival Half Marathon and going full speed ahead with training and running in the Columbus Marathon this fall) and my son has finalized his college selection and will be a graduating high school in two short weeks. So, while I do miss posting (and really) miss most is reading the other blogs regularly, I feel it would be a disservice to the TBA to continue with my blog. I will most likely leave the content up, if nothing more than for fond memories and maybe a return to posting someday. But for now I am signing off and riding into the sunset of my foray into the blogosphere. If you stumble upon this blog, please check the TBA for some really great content, insighful posts and a great group of passionate Throughbred racing enthusiasts.