Thursday, April 27, 2006

Derby Horses begin showing up at Churchill

I read Steve Haskin's article at BloodHorse and he is either really biased towards Sweetnothernsaint or that horse may merit a longer look than I have given him. I do know that before the Illinois Derby that Jill Byyrne was really high on this colt.


suebroux said...

Honestly, Sweetnorthernsaint never caught my attention until I read about him on a Gary West post (Fort Worth Star-Telegram) back in February. Mr. West knows his ponies and doesn't fool with his money, or mine.

Sweetnorthernsaint is a horse that may hit the board. Sheesh ... a gelding ... aaah, remember Funny Cide!

Baloo said...

I know they may be biased, but all the local trainers here in Maryland think he will hit the board. Anyone who has seen him run (in training) the last few months thinks he is the real deal. The odds are going to be OK, so I think he (it) may be worth a few bucks at the window.