Thursday, May 08, 2008

Studies, Committees, Recommendations....Whatever happened to DOING?!

I must admit, I am worn out trying to keep up with all the knee jerk (emphasis on jerk) responses to Eight Belles breakdown. PETA, the 24 hour news cycle pundits, the feeding frenzy on the web, and now the Jockey Club proposal...
The attention and highlighting of legitimate safety concerns this tragedy has produced should be a call to action. But, alas, in our modern society, action is met with studies, endless meetings, recommendations that sound great but rarely see the funding or the stewardship to see them through to actual honest to god implementation. What ever happened to getting things done? Isn't it brutally obvious that Polytrack would help. Isn't it something that should be mandated at all Triple Crown tracks (as a starter) in a very definitive time period? What about stricter drug testing? What about limits on the use of the whip? Easy and obvious, expensive perhaps, requiring the will to enforce, certainly but all doable, not really debatable steps that really don't require endless meetings.


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Glenn Craven said...

I can't beat those comments.

What I can say is that putting a little more restriction on use of the whip would be easy and free.

It's typically more of a perception improvement for the game, rather than an actual horse-protection improvement. Any decent jockey should know there's a law of diminishing returns with the whip. Some horses the more you hit 'em, the less they run. And with virtually every horse there comes a breaking point where, if you hit him one more time, he's just going to quit.

But from an outside-observer standpoint particularly, setting new rules for frequency and ferocity of whip use would be an instant image-improver.

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