Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm Baaaack

Okay, I have been gone almost a year. Out of the blogoshphere and barely keeping up with the ponies. But with Spring and the Keeneland meet and the excitement of the Triple Crown, well, I can't help but toss my hat back in the ring. I am going to compose myself a little before entering the fray of the Derby but enter it I will because here in the BlueGrass, the gauntlet has been thrown down and the game we all love is being convicted of some unbelievable atrocities by people who are so uninformed as to be laughable. But in this 24hr news cycle they get press and stories these days don't even have to have a shred of truth to get "reported". So, get ready to anyone who may still check this blog and even if no one does, I get to vent, rant, promote and gush about one of the greatest sports on earth, and surely one of the most magnificent animals ever to grace us with their power and beauty, thoroughbreds!

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Deborah said...

They truly are amazing. I blog about the Danish horseracing. I do have a few entries in English, but you can always enjoy the pictures. I'd love to do them all in English too, but I simply struggle to keep up as it is.