Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Finger pointing is the easy thing to do, but if you love horses, it's the wrong thing to do

Larry Jones has been put on trial and in many circles has been convicted. The boneheads at PETA, who through their misinformation and attempt to capitalize on the tragedy of Eight Belles breakdown were first on the bandwagon and on a local radio talk show on Monday, actually condemned all of Thoroughbred Racing as something that should be abolished and deemed all participants as cruel and greedy. Quite a departure from reality and one reason why their organization is the butt of late night tv jokesters and is marginalized and characterized as extremism. Now, accusations are flying at Jones saying the filly, at over 17 hands, could only have gotten so big through the use of steroids, a charge he has flatly denied. It is too bad there is not a more reasoned discussion going on that might actually benefit the sport, make it safer for the animals and where some good might emerge from this situation. What about mandating polytrack? What about testing for steroids? Why isn't there some reasoned discourse going on? Well, the answer is there has been some of this going on. Go over to this site http://www.grayson-jockeyclub.org/summitDisplay.asp and you can learn what the industry is doing to help reduce these catastrophic breakdowns. Nevertheless, accidents happen. On the field of competition in what is a somewhat a dangerous sport, as are many sports, there can be fatal consequences. And make no mistake, Thoroughbred Racing is a business and like in any business, there are unscrupulous people. But it is wrong to condemn and mislabel an entire sport over a single high profile accident. Why are so many so quick to point the finger of blame than to pitch in and support solutions and proposals that work to preserve and grow this great sport? There once was a great President of the United States, when asked about his brash plan to land a man on the moon and safely return them to earth, answered we do this not because it is easy, but because it is hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept....so the challenge is how do we make this great sport, even greater by making sure it is as safe as possible and that it is a fair and level playing field. Stop pointing fingers and tossing out accusations, be part of the solution.

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FloridaHorsemen said...

Not even real barrel racing or real Quarter Horse racing, North Florida's Gretna "pari-mutuel barrel racing" and now, other similar events throughout Florida have been allowed to continue by Florida’s Legislature and pari-mutuel regulators, leading to permitholders across the state lining up to bastardize both barrel racing and legitimate horse racing by capitalizing on the "Gretna Model's" fundamental platform of side-stepping Florida’s legal requirements for live racing in order to have slot machines. This includes every single Quarter Horse permitholder except Hialeah Park, the only place at which legitimate Quarter Horse racing is being held in Florida. The Daily Racing Form's Matt Hegarty reports below: