Thursday, January 25, 2007

Do I hear $100,001......going once....sold to the TBA!

Step right up and bid on a KY Derby Trophy over at eBay! I stumbled across this over at the Bloodhorse and as curiousity would have it (and you know it killed the on), I just had to go over to eBay and see for myself. Anyway, the article says it is a replica cast from the original from 1970 Dust Commander win. The seller is doing it to raise $$$ for a cat rescue. You need to read the article or else you might think I was making this up. Ah, truth remains much stranger than fiction.

Okay, now if we all pool our winnings and various ad revenues, this would look great in the TBA virtual Trophy Case.......

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John (AKA Not Too Swift) said...

Man would I like to own that! And to think I could; it's only one superfecta away. A few years ago I think they put Sunny's Halo's trophy on ebay and it sold for quite a bit less if my memory serves. John Sellers trophy from his win in 1961 on Carry Back appeared on ebay for sale a few years back too but it had been stolen years earlier. I guess they got the seller(no pun intended)for theft or recieving stolen goods.