Sunday, March 12, 2006

$16 Million "Green Monkey"

World-record priced juvenile named The Green Monkey--When I first saw this I thought it said "Green Money"!

John Magnier, Derrick Smith, and Michael Tabor have named their world-record priced Forestry colt The Green Monkey after a golf course the trio owns in Barbados (must be tough).
Todd Pletcher will train The Green Monkey.
The Green Monkey golf course opened in 2004, the same year The Green Monkey was born. The year is also known as the Chinese year of the Green Monkey.
Many have criticized this price but aren't a lot of things overpriced and doesn't it depend on perspective? I know a lot of Nurses (my wife is one) who think professional athletes of the human species are ridiculously compensated versus a nurses salary and pro players don't save lives on a daily basis. Also, to many in the world, any American salary is ridiculous considering what their annual per capita income may be. It is all relative to the demand and the value the industry and society places on it. The value of a Grade I winner, standing at stud for 10 years could easily double this $16 million. As with any investment, there is a gamble and as the price rises so do the stakes. Well, any way you look at it, a lot of people will be watching this 2 yr old this Fall and looking forward to his 3 yr old season. I must say, he is a beautiful looking horse!


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